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Beat the Shanghai cold this winter with Lemon's favorite hot alcoholic drinks!

Alex Lessard

“Winter is coming.” - The North

Don't let the recent weather fool you, and take it from us old-timers: Shanghai's winter hasn't even started. Here are a few things to look forward to in case you forgot: frozen and exploding water pipes, icicle fingers on the scooter, and daydreams of repeatedly stabbing that one friend posting pictures from the Philippines.

But don't worry; Lemons has you covered! Here's our ranking of the seven best hot cocktails to survive the winter:

#1 - Hot Toddy

When you feel that cold coming on, drink this hot mix of bourbon, honey and lemon. Does it work? Who cares? You’re drinking bourbon and honey.

#2 - Mulled Wine

Honestly, we've done away with the scented candles and just make mulled wine daily instead. The warm spicy scent of cinnamon and star anise are almost as good as the taste!

#3 - Irish Coffee

This one is a double-whammy. Not only will it warm you up, but with that shot of Bailey's in your coffee mug, even your Monday mornings will start to look fun!

#4 - Boozy Hot Chocolate

Don’t let the kids get a hold of this one, this is 'mommy and daddy drink' only. Our recommendation: add a shot of nice reposado tequila to your hot coco for extra sweetness and texture. If you don't have any in stock, a dark rum will work just as well!

#5 - Hot Apple Cider with Rum

Take apple cider. Heat it. Add rum. Throw in some spices if you want to feel fancy, or just let its wondrous warmth drip all over your chin and shirt if not.

#6 - Tom & Jerry

This caloric monster is made with eggs, milk, sugar and brandy. We won't lie to you: this is liquid cake, with alcohol. You'll hate yourself, but then you'll make a second one anyways.

And for the financially challenged....

#7 - Family Mart soymilk + a shot of baijiu

The perfect drink for when you receive your heating bill. Best enjoyed while squatting on the side of the road.

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